Knoxville Uniforms

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Knoxville Uniforms

Uniforms for the members of the Knoxville baseball team were ordered Wednesday morning by Manager Frank Moffett, and there is little doubt but that the local ball tossers in addition to being the best players in the league, or at least that is the way the Knoxville fans have it doped out, will be the best "dressers," for their baseball togs will be something real nifty.

In fact, the uniforms will be just about the best that money can buy, being of a higher grade even that those worn by the members of the National and American league teams. The suits will be white, very much like those of last year. Maroon stockings will be worn, while the caps will have a maroon strip and "Knoxville" will be emblazoned on the jerseys in maroon letters.

The new uniforms are here. They are white, trimmed in maroon.

Uniforms have been ordered. These will be white with a broad brown stripe and the K on the shirt. The new uniforms will be used for home suits and the Pioneers garbs of last year will be carried on the trips.

The new uniforms for the club have been received by the Athletic House. The home suits are white, with a black stripe and a red K; the stockings are red and white. The same colors are used in the stocking for the road toggery, but the suits are gray, with Knoxville in red letters across the breast. On the left sleeve is 114% in red..

Knoxville Smokie's new uniforms for 1927 have arrived.

They are now on display in the show windows at W.W. Woodruff Hardware Co., 424 S. Gay st, thru which they were purchased.

The home uniforms for Manager Coleman's boys are white with black stripes, and are trimmed in navy blue.

To say the least they are snappy looking.

But the road uniforms are even better looking.

They are reddish gray in color and are trimmed in bright red.

The road socks are red, white and blue, while the home socks are white with navy stripes.

The road caps are made of the same reddish-gray material as the uniforms, and are trimmed in bright red.

The home caps are white with the navy stripe, and are trimmed in blue.

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