Women in TSN Players Contract Cards Collection

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Below is a listing of all women that I could find that have their own card in The Sporting News Player Contract Cards Collection, housed at LA84.org.
I stumbled across the card of (Miss) Carol Jean Hodge while looking for another Hodge and it surprised me. I thought that these business women deserved a spotlight.
Women have long had a place in baseball, often behind the scenes. These cards show League Secretaries, Treasurers, Auditors, Ticket and Concession Managers, General Managers, Presidents, and more.
I searched for "Mrs." and "Miss". My guess is that there are still several that I haven't found, due to the fact that "Mrs." and "Miss" isn't explicitly on their cards. I'm also sure that there are omissions / errors and additions / corrections are to be made.

The Women and their Cards

Surname Prefix First Name Years Role The Sporting News
Player Contract Card
Adamson Miss Dolores 1956 Office-Sec. TSN Card
Andrews Mrs. Mary Alice 1964 Lg. Office Mgr. TSN Card
Aufderhar Sue 1963 Ticket Manager TSN Card
Balkovic Mary 1963 Concession Manager TSN Card
Baturoni Miss Esperanza 1960 Lg. Sec. TSN Card
Belcher Mrs. W. Albert 1959-61 Lg. VP, Treas. TSN Card
Belshe Mrs. Jeanne 1956 Office Sec. TSN Card
Bishop Mrs. Garland 1959 Lg. Sec., Treas. TSN Card
Bollinger Mildred C. 1959 Sec. TSN Card
Bonifay Mrs. Catherine M. 1964 Lg. Office Sec. TSN Card
Bramblett Laura P. 1955-56 Sec. TSN Card
Branham Mildred 1955 Office Sec. TSN Card
Calleri Miss Terry M. 1955-56 Exec. Sec. TSN Card
Chiasson Mrs. Edwin H. 1956-57 Sec., Treas. TSN Card
Clawitter Mrs. Juanita 1961 Concession Mgr. TSN Card
Cockroft Mrs. Dolly 1955 Sec. TSN Card
Cosgriff Mrs. Walter E. 1962-64 Lg. President TSN Card
Cravey Nadine 1956-58 Sec. TSN Card
Cunningham Mrs. Nina 1956 Sec. TSN Card
Daniels Barbara 1963 Asst. Sec., Asst. Ticket Mgr. TSN Card
Davenport Dorris 1955, 1960 Office Sec. TSN Card
Davis Mrs. Janola 1957-59 Sec., Treas. TSN Card
Davis Miss Marlys 1959-60 GM, Office Mgr. TSN Card
Day Betty 1955 Sec. TSN Card
de Aguilar Mrs. Bertha 1964 Lg. Sec. TSN Card
DePazos Mrs. Amparao De LaTorre 1963-64 Treasurer TSN Card
Dickerson Betty Jane 1957-58 Sec., Treas. TSN Card
Dickey Mrs. Grady 1960-61 Sec. TSN Card
Dinkwoods Mrs. Anne Connoly 1939-48, 1950-55 Secretarial work, Sec. To GM TSN Card
Donahue Margaret 1955-57 Sec. TSN Card
Dunn Mrs. Mary A. 1936-41 Club President TSN Card
Easley Cora Lee 1955 Sec. TSN Card
Escayola Miss Lila 1964 Secretary TSN Card
Ferner Celia 1960 Office Sec. TSN Card
Ferraris Jeanne A. 1960-61 Sec., Office Secretary TSN Card
Garcia Miss Esperanza 1962-63 Secretary TSN Card
Gidrites Miss Ceil 1963 Office Mgr., Asst. Ticket Mgr. TSN Card
Gilchrist Mrs. W.E. 1957 League VP TSN Card
Haddock Miss Elsie 1963 Ticket Mgr. TSN Card
Hailey Mrs. Juanita 1961 Concession Mgr. TSN Card
Halbach Mrs. David F. 1963 Asst. GM TSN Card
Haney Mrs. James L. (Jay) 1955 Sec. TSN Card
Harding Mrs. Helen 1955 Sec. TSN Card
Hardy Ruth 1955 Stadium Ticket Mgr. TSN Card
Hartman Mrs. Elizabeth 1961, 1963 Auditor TSN Card
Harvey Louise 1957-58 Sec. TSN Card
Haske Jeanne 1955 Sec. TSN Card
Hastings Helen 1963 Ticket Mgr. TSN Card
Henning Mrs. Radah 1958-59, 1961 Sec. TSN Card
Hilliard Mrs. Ruth 1956 Act. Bus. Mgr. TSN Card
Hippe Mrs. P.G. 1961 Auditor TSN Card
Hodge Miss Carroll Jean 1953-56 Asst. to GM, Bus. Mgr., GM, Travel Sec., Pub. Rel. TSN Card
Hoodenpyle Mrs. Thomas E. 1955 Sec. TSN Card
Hudlin Hilda C 1955 Sec., Treas. TSN Card
Huffman Miss Raynell 1961 Office Sec. TSN Card
Ikerd Mrs. Margaret 1955-57 Office Sec., Ass’t. & Office Sec. TSN Card
Jameson Betty Jo 1956-58 Sec., Treasurer TSN Card
Johnson Elizabeth 1958 Sec. TSN Card
Kane Ann 1959 Treas. TSN Card
Kellam Mrs. Emily 1963 Assistant Secretary TSN Card
Keller Holly 1955 Sec. TSN Card
Kemp Edith 1956-59 Sec., GM TSN Card
Kowalski Ethel 1961, 1963-64 Office Secretary, Concession Manager TSN Card
Larkins Mrs. Lem 1961 Lg. Ticket Mgr. TSN Card
Littlejohn Mrs. M. 1961 Office Secretary TSN Card
Logsdon Mrs. Rowena 1956 Assistant Secretary TSN Card
Madden Donna 1963 Ticket Mgr. TSN Card
Mahoney Patricia J. 1959 Office Sec. TSN Card
McGrath Mrs. Grace 1963 Lg. Sec. TSN Card
McLaughlin Mrs. Pat 1956 Lg. VP TSN Card
Megarity Mrs. W.T. 1961 Lg. Ticket Mgr. TSN Card
Merrill Ruth 1955 Sec. TSN Card
Meyer Mrs. Avice 1961, 1963-64 Lg. Concession Mgr. TSN Card
Meyers Mrs. Ida R. 1955 Lg. Office Sec. TSN Card
Morris Mrs. Pat 1963-64 Lg. Office Sec., Ticket Mgr. TSN Card
Murray Grace E. 1956 Sec. TSN Card
Myhr Helen 1961, 1963 Asst. Ticket Mgr. TSN Card
Oliver Madeline 1959-61 Office Sec. TSN Card
Ortega Miss G. Gonzalez 1958-59 Sec. TSN Card
Parks Mrs. Marie 1955 Sec. TSN Card
Parnell Mrs. 1961 Concession Mgr. TSN Card
Parrish Betty 1955-56, 1959-61, 1963-64 Sec., Office Secretary TSN Card
Parsons Dorothy 1959-62 Sec. TSN Card
Parsons Miss Treva C. 1956 Treasurer TSN Card
Pazos Mrs. Amparo 1962-63 Lg. Treasurer TSN Card
Purcell Nancy Anne 1960 Office Sec. TSN Card
Rentz Madge S. 1958 Sec., Treas. TSN Card
Reyes Miss Rafaela 1964 Secretary TSN Card
Richard Miss Gail 1959-60 Sec. TSN Card
Robertson Mrs. J.L. 1963 Lg. Ticket Mgr. TSN Card
Rogers Miss Curtie Mae 1957-59 Sec. & Treas. TSN Card
Ross Mrs. Josephine 1958-59 Lg. President TSN Card
Rubenstein Mrs. I. 1955 Sec. TSN Card
Russell Mrs. Allen H. 1955-56, 1959 Lg. VP, Pres., Treas., Sec. TSN Card
Sandlin Eleanor Rike 1931-59, 1961, 1963-64 Asst. Sec., Treas., Bus. Mgr., Ticket Mgr. TSN Card
Sargent Judith 1955-56 Office Secretary, Sec. TSN Card
Shaw Ethel 1956 Sec. TSN Card
Shine Ruth 1960 Club Sec. TSN Card
Shores Mrs. Margaret 1961 Lg. Concession Mgr. TSN Card
Sobeck Mrs. Rosalie 1955-56, 1958 Office Sec., Lg. Sec. TSN Card
Sprenkel Mrs. Ruth 1964 Lg. Sec. TSN Card
Stever Evelyn 1957, 1961 Sec. TSN Card
Stewart Thelma 1960-61 Sec. TSN Card
Strohm Mrs. Harry 1955-56 Lg. Sec.-Treas. TSN Card
Tobin Mrs. James F. 1962-63 Lg. Treasurer TSN Card
Tucker Mrs. Thurman L. 1961 Concession Mgr. TSN Card
Turnbeaugh Lucille 1963 Concession Manager TSN Card
Vazquez Miss Alicia 1964 Business Manager TSN Card
Wagner Myra 1961 Concession Manager TSN Card
Wakaki Mrs. Alice 1963-64 Lg. Ticket Mgr. TSN Card
Walsh Mrs. Louise 1958 Office Mgr. TSN Card
Williams Miss Ruby B. 1961, 1963 Concession Mgr. TSN Card
York Mrs. Tony B. 1957 Lg. Sec. TSN Card


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