1910 Southeastern League

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The Class D 1910 Southeastern League was comprised of six teams, three from Tennessee, and one each from North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. The league was scheduled to started play on June 5, 1910 and to end play on September 10.

News and Notes

  • A six-team base ball league, consisting of cities in North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama, has been formed as the result of a meeting held at Knoxville, Tenn., on May 24. The organization will be know as the Southeastern Base Ball League, composed of the cities of Knoxville, Tenn.; Morristown, Tenn.; Johnson City, Tenn.; Gadsden, Ala.; Rome, Ga., and Asheville, N.C. The Season will open June 5 and will close September 10. The detailed schedule will be drafted within a few days. Each town will have three games a week. the manager of the Asheville team will be "Buck" Gaston, a veteran base ball player, while "Dusky" Sherrill, of Waynesville, will manage the Waynesville (sic) team. The officers of the League are A. Gaines, Knoxville, president, and E.B. Fisher, of Morristown, secretary and treasurer. - The Sporting Life - June 4, 1910, page 1
  • The Directors of the Southeastern League met at Knoxville, Tenn., August 19, and threw out three Knoxville-Gadsden games because of illegal transfer to Knoxville. Prospects for next season were discussed at the meeting. It is probable that the Southeastern League will take in two additional members, making an eight-club league next year. - The Sporting Life - August 27, 1910, page 3
  • The initial championship season of the Southeastern League, which began May 15, ended September 10, with Knoxville as the champion club. The season was fairly successful, artistically and financially. - The Sporting Life - September 24, 1910, page 24
  • Chattanooga secured Pitcher Justus from the Rome team, of the Southeastern League. - The Sporting Life - October 15, 1910, page 15
  • At the annual meeting of the directors of the Southeastern League, at Knoxville, Tenn. December 3, W.W. Miller of Johnson City, was elected president to succeed Ambrose Gains, of Knoxville, who declined to serve again. The salary limit was raised $200 a year and May 22 and September 9 were fixed for the opening and closing of the next season. The question of admitting Bristol and some other towns to make it an eight-town circuit was discussed and will be acted upon later. - The Sporting Life - December 17, 1910, page 8

Picture of League Champions

1910 Knoxville team
1910 Knoxville Team, Champions of the Southeastern League.
Image from 1911 Spalding's Official Base Ball Record.

Final Standings

Total Regular Season

Team W L Printed
W-L %
W-L %
Knoxville 50 30 .625 .625
Morristown 46 37 .554 .554
Johnson City 45 39 .533 .536
Asheville 44 41 .518 .518
Rome 43 41 .512 .512
Gadsden 21 61 .256 .256

Team Names and Managers

Team Manager 1 Manager 2 Manager 3
Knoxville Appalachians Frank Moffett
Morristown Jobbers E. Fisher E. "Dusky" Sherrill
Johnson City Soldiers Nat Taylor Ed Garner
Asheville Moonshiners David "Buck" Gaston
Rome Romans Joe Patton C.G. Milford
Gadsden Steel Makers Paul Stevenson J. Foreman Baldorf


I have not been able to locate any published stats for this league.

League Players and Staff

I have cobbled together a list of players and staff from photo captions and newspaper accounts.

Last Name First Name Team 1 Team 2 Position
Martin Knoxville SS
Crockett Knoxville 1B
Silvers Sephia Knoxville CF
Baker Knoxville RF
Johns Knoxville
Barber Knoxville P
Cullop Knoxville P
Womble Louis Knoxville 3B
Clevenger Zora G. Knoxville 2B
Meyers Billy Knoxville C
Donahue Knoxville LF
Moffett Frank Knoxville Manager
Lemon Morristown
Reid Morristown
Cowell Morristown
Lewellyn Morristown
Brevard Morristown
Sparrow Morristown
Hill Morristown
Yount Morristown
Grubb Morristown
Sherrill E. "Dusky" Morristown Manager
Graham E. H. Morristown
Pope Morristown
Taylor N. Johnson City Manager
Miller W. Johnson City President
Taylor Dave Johnson City
Accorsinia Johnson City
Kelley Johnson City P
Weldon Johnson City
Scurry Johnson City
Douglass Johnson City
Milbourne Johnson City
Leake Johnson City
Harris Johnson City
Hisman Johnson City
Burleson Johnson City P/C
Alexander Johnson City
Garner Johnson City
Hurtt Johnson City Knoxville P
Wallace Johnson City P
Ham Asheville P
Butler Asheville C
Hall Asheville
Mabry Asheville
Brown Asheville
Bivins Asheville
Bullock Asheville
McKenzie Asheville
James Asheville
Crouch Asheville
Stuart Asheville
Drum Asheville
Springs Asheville
Woodward Asheville Captain
Justice C. N. Asheville Manager
Holt Asheville
Thrasher Asheville Rome
Patton Rome Secretary
Anderson Rome
Justus Rome P
Reed Rome
Keeling Rome
Grahame Rome
Efird Rome
Benton Rome
Matthews Rome
Lyall Rome
Griffin Rome
Cashion Rome
Milford Rome Manager
Baldorf Gadsden P
Jackson Gadsden P
Stringer Gadsden P
Ryan Gadsden P
Nunelly Gadsden P
McLemore Gadsden C

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